Album Printing process

- Mar 14, 2018 -

The use of color printing is the Enterprise Publicity album important Technology, all pages of color printing, binding up to print a book.

But in order to increase the beautiful performance of the album, many pictures of some other printing process, such as embossing, UV, bronzing, bump, screen printing, laminating, through the air and so on.

UV: Enhance the light sense, highlight the stereo effect.

Laminating: Effectively prevent the paper yellowing fading and breakage.

Tin hot: Better texture, gorgeous noble quality.

Convex: Increases the image's three-dimensional degree, increases the print's feel and the impression.

The common book printing bookbinding methods are: riding nails, wireless plastic, lock line, such as plastic packaging.

Riding Nails: Album flat, low cost, fast and convenient.

Wireless adhesive: Trimming neat and beautiful, easy to read. Lock line Glue: Strengthen the quality of the glue, the density is higher, the formation is not easy to disperse.

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