Christmas Card with Picture

- Nov 26, 2018 -

Unique Christmas Cards

Christmas card

According to legend, the world's first Christmas congratulatory film was created by the British pastor Pu Lijun in Christmas in 1842. He used a card to write a few simple words and send it to friends. Later, more and more people emulated, and after 1862, they became Christmas gifts, first popular among Christians, and soon became popular around the world. According to the statistics of the British Ministry, more than 900,000 Christmas cards are sent and received each year.

Christmas cards have gradually become an art crafts, in addition to printed with a message, there are beautiful patterns, there are turkeys, puddings, etc. used on Christmas mats, there are evergreen palm trees, pine trees or poems, characters, landscapes, The beasts and characters are the Holy Baby in the cold white cave of Christmas Eve, the Virgin Mary, Joseph, the god of heaven singing, the shepherd boy who came to worship at night, or the East to worship the Holy Baby, and the three Kings that rode upon camels were many. The background is dominated by night scenes and snow scenes.

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