Design the use of packaging color

- Mar 14, 2018 -

The color technique should be noticed from the following points: first, the relationship between color and packaging; Second, the contrast between color and color itself. These two points are the key of color application.

(I) reference

So, as the color and packaging of the relationship should be talked about? It is mainly through the external packaging color can reveal or reflect the inner packing items. To make people look at the outer package, they can basically perceive or associate with the inner packaging.

In terms of performance characteristics, cake and cake snacks are usually made of gold and light yellow to give the impression of fragrance. Tea, beer and other drinks are red or green, which symbolizes the strong and fragrant tea. Tomato juice, apple juice multi-purpose red, concentrated to indicate the nature of the item.

From the industry, the food packaging class normal use color its main hue yellow, pink to express this to the person with warmth and closeness. , of course, including tea, with green, drinks, with green and blue, alcohol, pastry with big red, children's food with rosy, daily-use cosmetics class and more normal coloring the mass-tone attune to rose, with the, light green, shallow blue, dark brown, is warm and elegant to highlight the twitters, clothing shoes and hats class with more is dark green, dark blue, brown or gray, in order to highlight composed the aesthetic feeling of elegance.

(2) correlation.

(1) the contrast of color usage.

(2) the light and light contrast (or deep and shallow contrast) used in color is also one of the important reproduction techniques in the application of packaging color.

(3) the color use point facing ratio (or size) the comparison, mainly in a packaging image design process, the use of pigment from a center or focus on the overall image contrast, the contrast between the small scale and large range images.

(4) contrast of color usage.

(5) the elegant contrast of color use is mainly to highlight the vulgar words and contrast the elegance of it.

(6) contrast of color use.

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