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Cultural studies and historical review of greeting cards

Chinese traditional culture emphasizes "Ritual", which was the essence of chinese culture. Many of the content in the etiquette is expressed by form, such as a greeting card. Sending a greeting card before a major event or public holiday, the form is solemn, and the second is to inform the other party early, and it is convenient for everyone. Since the han dynasty, greeting cards have been retained as a traditional form, but the name has changed.

At the beginning of the greeting card, it was called "Famous post". It was mainly about introducing itself. The western han dynasty called it "ye". Today, the vips are still talking about "By worship", and the eastern han dynasty is called "Name thorn". The term "Name thorn" Is still in use today in japan, which is the business card we use. Today’s society sometimes does not pay attention to these traditions when it is necessary to inform them in advance that they respect each other.

After the tang and song dynasties, the name of the greeting card has changed, and the function has been expanded. It is called "Gate" Or "Flying post". In the ming and qing dynasties, it is also called "Red single", "New year", etc. The function is becoming more and more secular, and the elegance between the literati gradually goes away. The reason is actually simple. The ancient education is not popular enough. There are few people who know the word and the word is broken. The greeting card was originally passed between the officials and the nobles. The starting point is quite high. When entering the commercial society, the greeting card has more enthusiasm and less acidity. .

It is said that when tang shizong li shimin was in the new year, he made a greeting card with red gold foil, and the royal book "Pu tian tong qing" Was given to the minister. This form was invented by the emperor and quickly spread in the private sector. However, the folks did not have the luxury of the royal family. They did not dare to use gold foil. Instead, they used plum blossom paper and vertical writing. The upper right end was the beneficiary's official residence, and the lower left was the name of the beneficiary. Legend has it that the southern song dynasty man zhang shinan recorded in his book that his family had a greeting card from the famous northern song dynasty masters such as huang tingjian and qin guan. This is definitely a classic collection. If it is preserved, it should be a national treasure of value.

The name of the famous post card was originally presented by myself, to show solemnity. However, in the song dynasty, the commercial atmosphere was strong, and people became increasingly busy. Therefore, they could not be sent to the servants, and they were sent to servants, gradually forming customs. The advantage of this is that one person can send more, such as personally, the number of people sent is extremely limited, and the number of friends may be rude; sending people to send, save the red tape of the masters to meet, the efficiency is greatly improved.

During the ming and qing dynasties, there were more ceremonies for presenting greeting cards and other ceremonies. According to the regulations, servants could not present their greeting cards by hand, so they invented the worship. When you meet, the servant holds a box, which is rectangular in shape and fits the name of the greeting card. After seeing the owner, the servant cannot open the card or post directly by hand. You must open the worship and let the owner take it out. Large families will make their own use. I have a lot of ming and qing dynasty rosewood and huanghuali. Among them, the worship of fuxitang zhao made by mahogany in the qing dynasty is quite good, showing the extraordinary identity of the zhao family.

The commercial delivery of greeting cards also began in the song dynasty. In zhang shinan's "The traveling records", every winter solstice and new year's day festival, "Every foreign official is in the shape of his longest." This should be the earliest record of the postal as a greeting card messenger.

Because the greeting card is used for emotional communication between people, and this kind of communication is often expressed in short sentences. For example, the song dynasty often writes "Celebrate zhengdan". Today, it is also simple and concise. Over time, the greetings appear stylized. Pay attention to the festive, send each other to the language, and express people's expectations and embarrassment about life.

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