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- Aug 17, 2018 -

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United States: Diversified greeting card culture

In the United States, there are many types of greeting cards. In addition to Christmas, Halloween, and Easter, there are wedding cards and thank you cards. Americans like personally-made greeting cards, which are closely related to the American national culture that advocates individuality and unrestrainedness. People like to make their own life photos into a New Year's card. They are sent to relatives and friends during the New Year. On the one hand, they express their blessings and pass on their happy and happy life to their relatives and friends.

The US government has also spared no effort in promoting the greeting card culture. Every year, the US Postal Service organizes a large-scale greeting card and letter month. During the event, the user logs into the relevant website to order a greeting card, and then receives a free greeting card and a postage envelope from the US Postal Service. USP wants users to drop their phones and PDAs, spend a few minutes writing a greeting card with a pen in their hand, and replace the email or text message with a physical greeting card. The physical information sent through the US Postal Service can be stored for years, even centuries, without being deleted because of a click.

The American greeting card culture has also been loved by successive US presidents. From Eisenhower to Bush, 10 US presidents have issued Christmas cards. In the Christmas of 2007, US President George W. Bush and his wife issued a total of 895,000 Christmas cards. According to the "New Life in Science" report, US President George W. Bush and his wife sent 2 million cards in the year of 2004, more than the national mailing of the year. One thousandth of the total number of Christmas cards is the best in the world.

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