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- Aug 06, 2018 -

Thank You Greeting Cards

Uk: Greeting cards are a necessity for life

Cards are called greeting cards in the uk. As you can see from this name, these beautiful and exquisite cards are not the embellishment of life for the british, but the necessities of life.

Now, everyone receives many christmas cards at christmas, so christmas cards, like christmas trees, are part of the western christmas culture. Since the uk has advocated simple living in recent years, some families no longer buy christmas trees, but christmas cards must not be. All the people put the christmas cards they received in the most conspicuous place in the house, some of them arranged on the countertop above the fireplace; some slid out on the long strips; others pulled a few on the wall the string is opened, and the open greeting cards are lined up on the ropes, like the flags of various countries’ naval vessels at the grand welcoming ceremony and the festival.

The british family relationship may not be as close as the chinese, so greeting cards on special days such as christmas, birthday, mother's day and father's day are particularly important. There are also friends who have not seen for many years, and even their childhood partners, rely on the annual christmas card to tie friendship.

The british seem to be reserved, but the inner feelings are very rich. A christmas card for the brothers wrote in english with a hot stamp: "Brother, every day of the year, your meaning to me is extraordinary. Even though you already know, i have to tell you, i miss you. The love for you and the pride that comes from you cannot be expressed in words or words."

British people are not so good at expressing their feelings verbally, they are more willing to use words and colors to convey affection. Therefore, in the uk, there are many shops selling greeting cards in every town. There are greeting cards and counters in big supermarkets, small shops, stationery stores, and libraries.

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