History of Greeting Card

- Nov 07, 2018 -

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It is said that the cultural tradition of greeting cards have two sources, one is ancient China and the other is ancient Egypt. Since the Han Dynasty, the Chinese have used the famous thorns to worship each other. The Egyptians began to write the words of blessing on paper grass very early. However, in my opinion, the traceability of this traditional etiquette can only be said to be a cultural context, and it is actually some distance from the true source of modern greeting etiquette.

In fact, the greeting card culture that is popular today is strictly less than 200 years old. Its real hair is in Europe in the mid-19th century. The popularity of greeting card culture has benefited from two major factors, one is artistic design and the other is large-scale printing. Greeting cards generally have few texts and are highly decorative. There must be culture and design, and this is something that ordinary people can't do. After all, not everyone will design art. It is said that the early greeting card printers rushed to hire artists to design greeting cards, and also held an "art design" contest to reward the winners. On the other hand, it is the establishment of modern postal and the use of stamps. These two factors have made the greeting card culture popularized from the minority culture handcrafted by the early aristocratic elites and delivered by special people.

In the European cultural tradition, the origin of the greeting card culture has two ends: the Valentine card and the Christmas card. There, the earliest existing paper greeting card is the 15th century Valentine's Day card, which is kept in the British Museum. The most popular is the Christmas card. Because Christmas is similar to the New Year, the Christmas card actually has the function of a New Year's card.

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