Offset Printing Advantages

- Mar 14, 2018 -

Now color printing is usually printed in lithography, sometimes called chemical printing, which means that the printed image is on the same plane as the print version. When printing, only the ink-friendly image is transferred to the paper, forming a mark. Photolithography, lithography and offset lithography are lithographed.

Lithography (flat-panel printers) printing cost is extremely low, optional print size, high printing quality, small footprint, operators and very low running cost, less selective large type printing material thickness. Plus professional digital printing ink, can realize the color saturation and gorgeous, the color field is wide, the transition is good, far more than the traditional printing effect.

Lithography can be printed, the long and thick platform can make the printed matter up to 100cm, the thickness of 20cm, the market space is beyond imagination. Stone, shell, plank, bamboo technology, mobile phone, cup, lighters, keys, stationery, notebook computer, CD player, MP3, crystal badge, smart card, business card, card. Photos, plaques, flowers, lovers' suits, CDS... The printing scope covers personal products, handicraft gifts, office supplies, stationery signs, home decoration materials, flower cloth art, clothing shoes and hats and other tens of thousands of items.

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