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- Mar 14, 2018 -

1. Quality of printed matter.

The quality of offset lithography is refers to the comprehensive effect of print appearance features, the comprehensive effect is mainly affected by gradual levels of representation, color reproduction, articulation reproduce and inhomogeneity and so on four aspects. That is to say, for the quality of printed matter, as long as the focus on the above four aspects, if these four aspects meet the requirements, it can be considered that the printed matter is qualified.

Since the quality of the printed matter is a qualitative description of the quality of the printed matter, these qualities are abstract, so the characteristic of the image must be translated into specific properties. For lithographic offset printing products, according to different types and requirements can be divided into fine products and general products, so the quality standards for different products are different.

2. Quality standards for printed matter.

(1) the quality standard of fine products is as follows:

A. The overprinter is accurate and the error should be less than half of the distance between the two nodes, so the more precise the product allows, the smaller the error will be;

B. Full and smooth;

C. The ink color is even, the level is rich, the texture is strong, the field is uniform; print

D. Words and lines are clean, and the edges are clear and complete;

E. No ruffle, no greasy, no ink, no stain on the front and back.

(2) the quality standard of the general product is the standard of the general product;

A. the main part of the screen is accurate;

B. Clear and complete branches;

C. Uniform ink color, field uniform;

D. Clear and complete text and lines;

E. No wrinkles, no cloths, no ink, no stain on the front and back.

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