Printing common paper varieties and uses

- Mar 14, 2018 -

Common name of paper:

(1). Coated paper:

A. Double copper 80-400g positive. Large scale is available for high-grade printed matter.

B. Single copper: for carton. Carton. Hand in hand bag. Medicine box, etc. High-grade printing.

(2). Double adhesive paper: 60-180g large degree. Positive degrees are available for medium - grade printed matter. Joint ventures and imports are common.

(3). White card: 200g-300g, double-sided white, used in middle class packaging.

(4). Kraft paper: 60-200g, for packaging. Carton. File bag. File bag. Envelope.

(5) paper: 105-400g for ya view. High grade color printing. (6). Newsprint: 55-60g roller paper. Positive paper. Newspaper selection.

(7). No carbon paper: 40-150 - g magnanimous. Is have, there is a direct copy function, points.. In the paper, 3 paper can't exchange or use, record-keeping is different, there are seven kinds of color, often used in duplicate. The form.

(8). Copy paper: 17g positive specification: used for VAT tickets, gift packaging, generally pure white.

(9). Typing paper: 28g positive specification: for the form, form, seven colors: white, red, yellow, blue, green, pale green, purple.

(10). Grey base white plate: 200g above, white bottom ash, used for packing.

(11). Light paper: 35-40g positive specification: light on one side, used for joint list, forms, notes, printing paper for low grade.

(12). Writing paper: 50-100g magnum. Both are available for low-grade printed matter, with more domestic paper.

(13) special paper: commonly used in imported paper, mainly used for cover, decoration, handicrafts, fine print, etc.

There are various types of printed matter, and the requirements and printing methods are different. Therefore, corresponding paper must be selected according to the requirements and characteristics of the use and printing process.

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