Printing Paper Types

- Jan 07, 2019 -

Printing Self-Adhesive Sticker

Printing paper is paper for printing. According to the use, it can be divided into: news paper, book paper, cover paper, and security paper. According to the printing method, it can be divided into letterpress printing paper, gravure printing paper, offset printing paper and the like.

Thin corrugated: also known as E-shaped corrugated cardboard is thin, good stiffness, generally used to make cartons as a sales package; E-shaped corrugated cardboard can also be used alone as an ampoule cushioning paper.

Yellow cardboard: yellow cardboard, also known as grass paperboard, yellowish color, mainly used as ordinary carton packaging shoes, hardware products and some cheap goods, after a veneer printed label paper veneer, also used to package clothing and knitting Products and so on. The raw material for producing yellow cardboard is 100% natural lime straw straw or wheat straw pulp and waste paper.

Boxboard: The boxboard is used as the top layer of corrugated board. After the box is made, it is the carton box surface. Therefore, the box board is required to have high strength, folding resistance, tensile resistance, wear resistance and puncture resistance. A certain water resistance, paper quality and toughness, but also must have good appearance and printability.

Self-adhesive paper: Most of the high-strength whiteboard paper is used as the base paper, and the self-adhesive is coated to become a self-adhesive paper. Uses: Printing labels and labels for self-adhesive paper.

Glass paperboard: It is a kind of flat paper, which is shiny on both sides.

Aluminum foil backing paper: including vacuum aluminized paper. The paper and the aluminum foil are laminated together with a binder to form a liner. It is mostly used for packaging such as cigarettes and candy.

Corrugated cardboard: including honeycomb paperboard. A multi-layer cardboard formed by laminating thick paper into a corrugated shape and attached to the cardboard in a certain manner is called corrugated cardboard.

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