Romantic Valentines Card for Her

- Jul 03, 2018 -

Romantic Valentines Card for Her

Valentines card are the oldest cards in history. As early as in ancient roman lupercalia on february 15th every year on this day, the girls pregnant is shy and joyful mood put love message in a box, and then draw by the city boy, congratulations to one girl, he will be presenting a deep love to the girl. The message the girls put in the box was arguably the first valentines card. Chinese valentine's day is called qixi festival, also known as "Begging for luck", and it is the most romantic festival in chinese traditional festivals. It is said that the night of the seventh day of the seventh lunar month is the time when the celestial "Weaver girl" Meets the "Cowherd". "Zhinu" Is a beautiful, clever and skillful fairy, and all the women in the world begged for wisdom and skill in the evening, and also for a happy marriage.

In china, people also send valentines card to loved ones on qixi, especially those made by themselves. Such gifts are sincere and unique.

In 1840, american businessman esther a. Holland began mass production of valentine's day cards as a commodity. The first year was $5,000. It can be seen that greeting cards have been popular almost from birth.

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