Small knowledge in greeting CARDS

- Mar 13, 2018 -

The greeting card is also a carrier of letter, while the greeting card message is an application style with its own format. What does a friend give for his birthday? A nice birthday card, and a couple of sincere birthday greetings, is a nice gift. So what's the birthday format like?

The first step in writing a greeting card is to call it the first line. The name refers to the person you call a greeting card person, can directly write the other person's name, also can add the modifier to express the relationship such as: dear XXX, dear XXX, etc.

After you write your address, you should write a blessing. The blessing is written in the second line, two squares ahead. If you want to write a birthday card, you should write a birthday greeting.

After the blessing, write down, write down the name of the card person, and write down in the last or second line to the right.

Finally, decorate the card.

If it is a relationship between good friends greeting CARDS, in addition to the message, can also according to their own special features draw little flower, or graphics to heart, make CARDS looks more beautiful with warmth.

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