sticker sheets for toddlers

- Jun 15, 2018 -


Sticker sheets can be divided into the following categories according to different criteria for classification:

A: The use of surface materials: Wood free paper, art paper (shading/mirror), transparent pvc, electrostatic pvc, polyester pet, laser paper, heat-resistant paper, pp, pc, kraft paper, fluorescent paper, heat paper, copper wire dragon, silver silk dragon, gold-plated paper, silver-plated paper, synthetic paper (cpc/pp/hyl/ superior tough paper/ pearl paper), aluminum foil paper, fragile (security) paper, textured paper, cloth label (tevik/nylon), pearl dragon, sandwich copper plate, thermal paper.

Ii: Films used: Transparent pet, translucent pet, transparent opp, translucent opp, transparent pvc, glossy white pvc, matt white pvc, synthetic paper, glossy gold (silver) polyester, matt gold (silver ) polyester.

Three: Use plastic type: General super sticky type, universal strong sticky type, refrigerated food strong sticky type, general re-opening type, fiber re-opening type

Four: The use of the bottom paper: White, blue, yellow glassine (or garlic onion) kraft paper, polyester pet coated paper, polyethylene polyethylene.

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