The use of paper CARDS

- Mar 14, 2018 -

The use of paper CARDS is very extensive, and the paper phone recharging card is a good representative. Passage of pre-paid phone CARDS on the market in addition to provide a password, plastic card itself is useless, prepaid phone card user and very much, common mobile phone top-up CARDS are plastic, not easy to degrade, users after use with a throw, will cause a lot of environmental problems. In contrast, the paper card is not polluted, is a kind of green environmental protection card. The number of phone CARDS issued nationwide is staggering, and these non-degradable plastic CARDS made of PVC bring a lot of life to society. To curb the staggering growth of this disposable waste, some paper card companies have taken an environmentally friendly approach. This paper recharge card replaces plastic card, and the situation of the pollution of hundreds of millions of discarded recharge CARDS every month will be greatly improved. Moreover, paper CARDS are more secure, avoiding problems such as scratches on the face, passwords being stolen, and the expiry date. The green recharge card also indicates the purchase point and the card time, in order to check, the paper card will not buy the fake card, and the face value of the card. Paper cell phone recharge card fully realizes green recharge. Green recharge is safe and convenient. From her appearance, green prepaid phone CARDS and letters to receive when dealing with bank card password, seal is among the grid paper, tear can see after a string of passwords, and general tin sealing plastic card password, there is no difference. In addition, the green top card also has the purchase point and the card time, in order to check, some stores can even print 500 yuan of the recharge value.

As for the problem of security paper pre-paid phone CARDS, the user through the dial-up Internet access to the machine, connect to provide data of the terminal, then access card number and password, and print into the sealing paper card, whole process is secure paper environmental protection will become the trend of mobile phone top-up CARDS just now on the market one of the numerous DianXinKa.

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