Type of printing

- Mar 14, 2018 -

It can be divided into: relief printing, lithographic printing, concave plate printing and aperture printing (screen printing).

1. Relief printing:

Letterpress printing is the most popular, the layout of the image and the letterpress can be printed, the part of the concave to receive the ink, the plate and paper pressed, the ink will be printed. The printing plate is: letterpress, lead plate, zinc plate, copper plate, photosensitive resin plate. Some books, bills, envelopes, business CARDS, etc. are still used in letterpress printing; Special processing for example: bronzing, silver, embossing, and other commonly used letterpress printing.

2. Lithographic printing:

It is commonly used in lithography, widely used in printing. The image and non-image on the same plane, the use of water and ink are mutually exclusive principle, the graphic part accepts ink not to accept water, the non-graphic part of the opposite.

3. Concave plate printing:

Concave printing is contrary to the principle of letterpress printing. The printing ink is different because of the concave plate, and the printed line has a convex feeling. Due to the long time of plate printing and complicated process, the cost is very high.

4. Hole printing:

The screen printing, using silk cloth, metal and synthetic materials silk screen, wax paper and so on. Silk screen printing not only can be printed on the plane substrate and can be printed on the arc surface substrate, the color is bright, the durability.

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