What are wrapping papers?

- May 29, 2018 -


Wrapping papers refer to the paper used for packaging. It has high strength, low moisture content, low air permeability, no corrosion, and has a certain degree of water resistance. It is also very beautiful to use. Paper for food packaging also requires sanitation, asepsis, no contamination, etc.

Wrapping papers are a generic name for a type of paper used for packaging purposes. Can be divided into ordinary wrapping papers, special wrapping papers, trademark paper, oil-proof wrapping paper and moisture-proof wrapping paper. It usually has high strength and toughness. Various types of wrapping paper have different properties and uses. For example, special fruit wrapping paper is thin and soft. Photosensitive protective paper is not light. Oil-proof wrapping paper (plant parchment, etc.) has anti-oil penetration properties. Moisture-proof wrapping papers (asphalt paper, oil paper, aluminum foil paper, etc.) has moisture resistance. Label paper is used for packaging after printing. Ordinary wrapping papers for general merchandise packaging, lax quality requirements.

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