Where did greeting cards originated?

- May 17, 2018 -


The generation of greeting cards stems from the needs of human society.

In the 2nd century AD, there was a kind of medallion in ancient Rome with the words "The Roman Senate and all his subjects wishing the Father Adean Angus Augustus a happy new year." This is the predecessor of the greeting card.

In the Middle Ages, various forms of greeting cards appeared one after another. At that time, the most popular thing in Central Europe was a wooden greeting card. It was to carve congratulations on polished wood. There were also people who painted wood carvings and painted them in five colors.

The Valentine's Day (St. Valentine's Day) card is the oldest greeting card. As early as August 15th in ancient Rome, the girls were shy and happy. They put a message of love in a box. Then they were drawn by the young man from the whole city. Which girl's message was drawn? He can justifiably show his love for the girl. The eulogies they put in the box can be said to be the earliest Valentine's Day greeting cards.

In 1840, the American businessman Esther A. Holland began to produce Valentine's Day greeting cards as mass production. In the first year, it earned $5,000. It can be seen that the greeting card has been favored by people since its birth.

And the most popular greeting cards from the former West - Christmas cards were produced late. The first batch of cards was designed by John C. Horsley, a British painter, in 1843.

In 1874, when the then famous American printing authority, the German immigrant Luis Poron, printed a Christmas card in Massachusetts, a beautiful and unique card immediately attracted people and won the public's liking. Today, the world consumes hundreds of billions of cards each year, and sales have reached two hundred billion US dollars. The production of greeting cards is also becoming more and more colorful, and new types of greeting cards are emerging in an endless stream.

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