How The Printing Industry Adapts To The Supply Side Reform

- Mar 14, 2018 -

Since the reform and opening up, investment, export and consumption have been the three driving forces driving China's economic development. Given the global economic crisis haze, weak exports, for quite some time to pursue "to promote economic growth by increasing social demands" practices seem to be some failure, as a result, in recent months the central puts forward new requirements, that growth does not like using a stimulus, in the history of change to implement demand side, but "think the market can automatically adjust the actual output return potential output" for implementation. After the central economic work conference, is according to the guiding ideology of reform of supply side directly with a five prescriptions: that is "to" capacity "to stock" "deleveraging" "cost reduction" for short board ", "this is a new thought of reverse economic situation is not good.

The printing that occupies a place in the overall Chinese economy is supposed to serve the development of China's economy through reform of the supply side.

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