Picture Book Printing And Bag Printing Paper Difference

- Mar 14, 2018 -

Exquisite album printing must have beautiful design and perfect size, paper of exquisite, at first, enterprises should do a belong to your company's catalog, the designer must understand how to design the size of the picture, the color of the picture, the size of the type area, general a professional typesetting printing software, not the word we use software can print issue, it is easy to jump, is also a bag bag printing, bag bag printing enterprise are commonly used to visit customers fashion some of their products, cosmetic company bags dosage is compared commonly big, because there are kinds of cosmetics, to customers of products, convenient and bags can also print some of your company LOGO used to propaganda, is also a kind of good advertising, here we introduce the specific picture album printing and bag bag printing paper where the difference is.

Pictorial printing paper Zhang Ke number, the choice of the process, is also an important part of the picture album design, one factor in determining the quality of picture album finished products, general picture album in the majority with magnanimous 16 open size otherwise is a waste, generous full size: 889 * 1194 mm) are fully open degree of size size: 787 * 1092 mm, make a picture album design sizes of finished product in 210 * 285 mm, and a more waste accident) size: 210 * 297 mm, generally the size of the former majority that is more cost savings, sizing down, let's take a look at the paper comparing how many grams of business accounting, pictorial printing paper, 300 grams, 250 grams, 200 grams, 157 grams of coated paper, customers choose to cover most of the first 250 g as the cover, back cover and inside pages to choose 157 grams of coated paper, cover, generally there is also a process to choose, some choose laminating, glazing is not easy to protect the cover of which had damaged long life, some enterprises also choose cover thick coated paper 300 grams, less likely pages selected paper thickness is relatively more feel, just feel more content.

Bag bag, also called tote bags, bags with pictorial paper is two concepts completely, bags of paper generally not less than 250 grams of coated paper, even with more than 300 grams or 300 grams of copper to make, for bags to inherit the product, can't say exactly the same, not just the number of open bags with pictorial dimension is different, the size of the bag bag is according to enterprise use to distinguish, the bag bag of cosmetics company with several distinctions, as cost is not the same size, suitable for all kinds of different products didn't lie. Magnanimous folio bag bag reference size: 884 * 584 mm, the size of the magnanimous folio's bag is one of the most common type of handbag, because you can leisurely pack picture album, 8 and 12 open, of course, such a big bag need to pay special attention to bearing capacity, lift the rope knot inside the eye should be strong bulky ensure that will not fall off from the eye, and a more than 250 grams of paper board, bottom line, so that we can make the bag bag of uniform stress, increase the bearing capacity of bag bag.

From the above we can see that the album and bag paper are not very uniform. The weight of the bag paper should not be less than 200 grams of coated paper or copper card. Otherwise, the company's products will be damaged, which will have a very bad effect on the enterprise.

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