The Historical Evolution Of Chinese And Western Greeting CARDS

- Mar 13, 2018 -

Greeting CARDS are the result of human social needs.

In the 6th century BC, the ancient egyptians exchanged written messages with "good luck" in their New Year gifts, which could be seen as the beginning of a greeting card. In the 2nd century AD, the inscription "the Roman senate and the people of the Roman senate and the people of the republic of China" inscribed on the ancient Roman commemoration, was regarded as another origin of the greeting card.

In the west, real CARDS first appeared in England in 1843. There was only one word on the card at that time, but it is still the most common in western greeting CARDS, which is "A Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year to You" (Merry Christmas and Happy New Year). Christmas CARDS have gained popularity in western countries since the 1970s, when they began in the United States.

The early greeting CARDS were dominated by family gatherings, dancing and winter scenes, and religious themes were rare in those days. The picture of greeting CARDS mainly reflects the life and culture of the time.

There are many interesting stories about CARDS in ancient China. Zhou hui, a song man, said in the qingbo magazine: "during the period of song yuanyou, the festival of the New Year is often used by domestic servants." A record from an interesting story: city year New Year's day, every household has a don't want to go to visit, then come up with the idea of a lazy, their first write many blessings of CARDS, and each one is to visit the home of his servant, then a card is put in the home, after knocking at the door before the door, slipping away quickly, so that respondents thought that he himself was coming to visit. Perhaps the man had been slacking off, leaking the wind, and as a result there was a knock at the door, and the poor servant was caught.

This is seen as an act of "counterfeiting". But due to the scholars who see life at that time, if by greeting everywhere, is both time-consuming and inefficient, so some of my friend's house person they don't go to, but sent a servant to take a plum blossom notes cut into two inches wide, three inches long, with the above, a person's name, address and a happy New Year on behalf of the word CARDS to. It also saves a lot of red tape. Since then, many people have imitated and become public, and the social atmosphere has formed in the southern song dynasty.

The commercial delivery of CARDS also began in the song dynasty. Zhang shi-nan's "the tour of the eunuch", in the winter solstice, in recent years, "every official, all in the form of his officials", this is the post as a greeting card Courier first recorded. The card can communication, emotional interaction between people, and this kind of interaction often expressed with a short, such as the song dynasty often write "congratulations on your discussion", the passage of time, came He Yu stylized, concise, exquisite festival, send each other language, convey the hope and vision of people's life.

Chinese traditional culture emphasizes New Year's day and winter solstice. Yuan dynasty Ma Zhen "section that is something to" poetry "Yin morning smoke concentration, a paper from He Dong", Ming article prove "zh zh" poem "meet not only restrain, his full name paper summed up the dormant", respectively, then the winter solstice was writing paper, people each other in the New Year.

In the Ming and qing dynasties, he appeared in a separate style. "New Year's day, early Ming and early qing dynasty. In kangxi, you have a red list. There is no way to go, there is no bow to the road. The red list is dedicated to the festival and is made with red paper to represent the auspicious meaning of the celebration, which is obviously not used as a name on weekdays. The red list is a genuine New Year card in ancient China.

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