The Printing Market Internet Is Turning Into A Trend

- Mar 14, 2018 -

In recent years, there has been a wave of digitization in the whole country, and its momentum is rapid, and all industries are developing "Internet +". In this rapidly changing era, the printing industry, represented by the Internet and digital technology, has challenged the growth and development of the printing industry and the printing market. In the current situation of supply-side reform, many printing enterprises are seeking information and intelligent solutions to reduce costs, improve efficiency and upgrade.

According to relevant data, at present, China's printing industry in the state of high - speed growth still presents extensive development trend.

Its characteristics are mainly as follows:

1. The production efficiency of printing enterprises is not high. There are many small enterprises in printing industry, facing many problems.

The unit cost is high and the profit is low. Printing industry although have billions of level of the market, but due to the small batch, individuation orders is numerous, craft type mixed, the low degree of standardization, it is difficult to realize large-scale production, leading to a high cost per unit price expensive, low profits.

At present, the Internet of traditional enterprises is the trend, and the printing industry is no exception. The Internet is no easy task. Thinking over the past 30 years, printing industry hardware and buy lots of equipment caused the plight of the supply and the endless vicious cycle, therefore, how to integrate industry resources, use technical means to build platform, in developing replacement "engine" is a skill. Still, the printing industry is a trillion-dollar market, and the time is ripe for an enticing blue sea to emerge from the convergence of Internet technology.

In the future, the development trend of Internet in printing industry is developing towards intellectualization, efficiency and refinement. In 2017, the "Internet + printing" will enter the second half, characterized by the internet-enabled printing industry. The era of great change also means the advent of big opportunities.

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